How we leveraged Algorand capabilities to build a new blockchain word game.

Many people like a good challenge and pretty much everyone in the modern age need to deal with written words in a way or another.
This is probably why the game Wordle became so popular recently: it challenges players everyday to guess a 5-letter word in no more than 6 attempts.

After every attempt, each letter is coloured in green, yellow, or grey: green indicates that the letter is correct and in the correct position, yellow indicates that it is in the answer but not in the correct location, and grey indicates that it is not in the answer at all. The player then uses these information to formulate words to be given on the following attempts and if they guess is right, they are declared winners. If you are not aware of what Wordle is check out this link from Wikipedia.

We identified a massive problem with the Wordle Game: it quite easy to cheat and uncover the words as they are are saved locally in the browser. So we thought we could try to solve this problem and make the secrecy of daily word more robust.

In addition to that, we thought we could go the extra mile and make it a real global challenge by saving the data from each game on an immutable ledger. And this is how we decided to bring the game to Algorand!
Presenting the Beta version of Proof of AlgoWordle!

Our main objective is to bring a popular game like Worlde to the Algorand community, but at the same time, attract people that are outside of the crypto world by leveraging the popularity of the original game. With this premise in mind, we designed our version of the game in a way that it’s straightforward for people with different levels of understanding of the blockchain technology.

At the current stage of development, we held off game mechanics that involve the ownership of fungible and non fungible assets, but we still kept the continuous interaction with the ledger to store game data. In this way, any user can join the game and start guessing words, even those with a brand new Algorand wallets with no Algo in it with none or little understanding of the ecosystem.

We would like to experiment with the technology to find use cases that go beyond the most common ones such as NFTs and DeFi. Even if the game seems to be quite easy and straightforward on the surface, there were a few challenges we had to solve.

  • First of all we solved the original vulnerability of Wordle increasing the security behind the secret word, making it harder for players to cheat.
  • Secondly, we worked to make sure the app was aware of words containing duplicated letters and prevent the game from flagging them as invalid when uncovered (which was harder than expected!).
  • Ultimately we developed the on-chain features, so that the results of the matches are visible on the Algorand Blockchain via arc69 metadata standard and bound to the player's wallet.
    The arc69 metadata allows possible integrations with all the Algorand projects that are supporting the standard ensuring cross-compatibility of game data.

  • Here’s an example of data coming from a completed game:

    In the original Worlde, the game data is retained locally within the browser, so deleting browser data would cause the loss of game records. Our version of AlgoWorlde aims to show to the world the capabilities of the Algorand protocol.
    Due to its efficiency, the game data can be easily sent to the blockchain in a matter of seconds and saved on the ledger in real time. Thanks to Algorand, we've also developed a "resume game" function inside Algo Wordle.

    Regarding the gameplay mechanics, we would like to try various formulas and experiment with the various mechanics. So in the first iteration, we decided to deviate from the original game by not letting the user know if a word guessed is presented among the list of words acceptable, unless of course it’s the right word.

    We would like to try this formula with the Beta testers and see if that works out well and doesn’t make the challenge harder. The Beta version is currently available here:

  • AlgoWordle
  • Join us on this journey and become a 'Word Champion'!